18th Annual SEAWeekend Performers


Dj Gea born and raised in Carbondale, Illinois was in or around music from a very young age.  Dj Gea always loved hip hop/rap and R&B and collected music from many artist from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, & 2000’s.  He started Thp Entertainment and quickly took over the music scene in Southern Illinois.  


Dj Gea the rapper, producer, manager, dj, radio owner and designer made way for many artist and housed and managed universal records former group POB the pop it off boyz under his music imprint and many other artist.

Dj Gea a multi nominated dj at the Southern Ent Awards, Dj of the year award winner at iSignMyself Awards and entrepreneur has performed as an artist on Southern Ent Awards after winning the original song contest in 2008, and many other big stages.  After joining Fleet Djs Gea has attained multiple radio shows, dj clubs worldwide, and developed connections that make him a big asset. With 4 other crews in his tool belt he can secure the vibe with a new wave. With iSignMyself and Nerve Djs.  Welcome to the world of Dj Gea and Midwest and Illinois Fleet.

Rah Rah F.O.R.T.E.

Rah Rah F.O.R.T.E. is an independent upcoming rap artist from Atlanta GA that has been based in Nashville for the last year. He has been involved in music since a child but just recently began taking his rap career seriously. He is pushing his single Cookie produced by Street Execs well known producer Shawty Fresh which is included on his upcoming mixtape “44 Music” which includes one feature with known artist Paper Lovee and beat production by Shawty Fresh, Real Red and Gross Gods with a 2020 release date. When asked to explain his music, fans describe it as “it’s about the pain/struggle, the come up and family” which is why he describes his music and “universal lingo” because everyone can relate to those 3 aspects of life. Rah Rah F.O.R.T.E. has been traveling across the country doing shows in Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, and Chattanooga and plans on adding more cities to his lineup.

Nawf Memphis Max 

Hailing from the northern side of Memphis, this charismatic singer and songwriter managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound. Life wasn’t easy as he was younger. He grew up the hard way, but he always strived to get the best out of life. This led him to start hustling at a very young age, just trying to reach a new level and get out of the hardest life. During this time, Nawf Memphis Max was supported by his mom, who was really his rock. She was always ready to support him no matter what, telling him about life, but still allowing him to be free to make his own choices and do whatever he wanted to do.  Streetlife was all about learning the harshest realities. There was a lot of betrayals, and really a hard climb to learn who you can trust with money and other issues.


One thing was for sure: Nawf Memphis Max knew that he was destined to something greater, and he knew that he was going to become a true star! In his early days, he was making beats using nothing more than a bucket and a tape recorder, but his lyrical flow was highly intelligent and incredibly sophisticated from the start.  Most rap artists don’t really live the life they describe in their songs. They may talk a lot, but if you really find out the truth, they had a safe upbringing with not much real hustling at all!  Nawf Memphis Max is different from all of them: he is the real deal, and he follows no role models - just the hard school of life!


“I took it upon myself to tell the story of the misfits” - the artist said. He embarked on a quest to become the best rapper he could possibly be, and when he asked God what he was going to do, he kept putting music in front of him in many different ways. For the longest time, Nawf Memphis Max ignored it all, preferring to hustle, thinking rap was too watered down anyway. At one point, he decided actually to give it a go, and as they say, the future is history! Nawf Memphis Max started out as a humble street dude with a passion for hip-hop, but he became one of the biggest rappers to ever come out of the Memphis music scene!.

Nawf Memphis Max is working on a new project, and his sound is becoming increasingly more personal and defined, one release at a time. On his new music, he covered every base, like a massive grand slam! This is the culmination of a true musical journey and the artist made sure to reflect a lot of his own life in this project, telling his genuine story and connecting with his audience on a deeper level. This charismatic performer is quickly generating quite a powerful buzz around him: due to his distinctive approach to songwriting, the appeal of his music, and the honesty of his lyrics!

Nawf Memphis Max is undoubtedly going to become one of the hottest names in hip-hop, so stay tuned and don’t miss out! 

Scarfo Da Plug

Born in Mount Vernon, New York on March 21st, 1997..  Scarfo was raised in Panola road, Wesley Chapel and Candler Road in New Orleans, on the east side of Atlanta.  According to him, he started rapping to tell his life's story and be a voice for all the young street runners that ain’t stupid.  He realizes that his generation gets a bad light and he's putting in efforts to reiterate the street etiquette. 
2017 was the year Scarfo started taking music seriously. In that same year, he dropped his first project eviction notice and a wave of videos on YouTube.   In July 2017 Scarfo dropped his second project:  "Welcome to new Rome". Also, in October of 2017, he released two new songs: "Bad Influence & Happier", two of his biggest songs thus far.  Since its release, Happier has had over 2 million streams on all platforms, and 900k views on YouTube, while Bad influence has over 500k+ streams. 
On October 21, 2017, Scarfo received a sentence to serve 2 years in prison. He was also denied parole but sent to a transitional center in January 2019.  This did not stop him from releasing his first record while still in the halfway house.  In April of 2019, he dropped his new song “make it count” and it has over 200k+ streams while “way out” has 250k+ views.  Scarfo has worked with the likes of Zaytoven, Louis brodinski, Richie souf, Atl Jacob, Pierre Bourne, and other notable producers. 
Scarfo has features with Yung Nudy, Yung Mal, Coca Vango, Q Da Fool, Ksupreme, Peewee Longway, Jg Riff, Rx Peso, Rx hector, Asian Doll and many more.  September 1st, 2019 Scarfo released his FIRST debate mixtape "Trap-Nola" which has exceeded 300,000 streams on apple music in just 2 months. Scarfo was released from the halfway house on October 9th and he's getting set for his first major concert with Lil Baby on the 8th of November in Athens, Georgia. Promoting his two top songs "Make it Count" and "Happier". Scarfo will be dropping another project called "Pawn Pusher” the beginning of 2020. 

Roxo the Bandit

Roxo the Bandit, (William Christian Dwyer), is an American artist on the rise with almost a decade of professional experience under his belt. At the age of 19, Roxo the Bandit is already becoming a heavy-hitter in the industry. His blended yet balanced mix of pop and hip hop beats create a rhythmic listening experience keeping listeners engaged. Nashville native Roxo has been writing since 2010 and has been releasing music through his own quality production since 2013. Writing, recording and producing his own music allows him to provide organic tracks that are transparent to who he is as an artist. His sound is seamlessly smooth and consistently recognizable between his genres of Pop and Hip Hop. While his sound is his own, he has influences consisting of J. Cole and Chance the Rapper with hints of The Beatles and The Beastie Boys resulting in his ability to be a timeless recording artist. 


Facebook: roxothebandit

Instagram: roxothebandit 

Apple Music/Tidal/Spotify: roxothebandit 
Triller: roxobandit 
YouTube: RoxDox
SoundCloud: banditville

Luii V

Luii V born in Carolina, Puerto Rico raised in Lakeland Florida and Nashville TN. Known for being one of the hottest Latin trap artist in the city. SQUAAAAD!!! 


Instagram: Luiivmusicpage
Facebook Luii Viera
YouTube: Luii V
Spotify: Luii V


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