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19th Annual Awards Ceremony Performers



Comprised of 3 members, Big Trouble, Fait & Essence, Envy was formed in 2007 with the mind to raise the bar in R&B Pop music. With the girls being so young when the group started, it was natural to be caught up in the joys of high school and the freedom of college & with that, the girls began recording music in 2017.


Their 1st single "Waves" was released in 2018 on Soundcloud, which was a catchy mid tempo song telling the tale of how being in love makes you feel higher than high. The song was received well and was featured in a Youtube series produced by Phillip Johnson called "Flip Flop".


In 2020, the girls released their 2nd single "See It Anyway" which is a 90's/modern tune which talks about ending a relationship and showing your ex how much better you are without them. Envy's 3rd single "AUDACITY" released in 2021 channels the vibes of the 90's/early 2000's that features an acoustic guitar and speaks about loving a person who doesn't love you back yet, takes advantage of you.


ENVY has been fortunate to open up for Lenny Williams as well as win 1st/2nd place in their states Christmas Caroling Competition in 2018/2019. Envy has been invited to participate and perform in the season 1 finale of internet talk show "Straight Up Shoppe", participated in JACKSON INDIE MUSIC WEEK— one of the fastest indie music festivals for 2 years in a row & has performed in various states such as Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.

In a world that often deems women to fit a specific mold, ENVY defies the "rules". ENVY makes raw and real music to empower women and for people who are proudly & authentically themselves. "Our music is about experiences and freedom of expression. Freedom of being who you are, saying what you mean and meaning what you say. It's fun and also uplifting"-ENVY

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Since pursuing his passion in music three years ago, talented artist SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY has been taking over the music industry with a unique approach. The singer-turned-music producer is not the typical hip-hop artist listeners encounter in the music industry. His fresh take on music and his passion for producing tracks inspired him to create his record label, Jackson Multimedia LLC. Born in 1998, Miles Jackson, more popularly known as SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY, is a rising star in the hip-hop and R&B music industry. Aside from being a vocalist, rapper, and music producer, the young musician is also a talented pianist and guitarist. While working on his bachelor’s degree at Maryville College, SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY continued to pursue his goals for his music career. He founded his record label under the name Jackson Multimedia LLC, and today, the label is home to nine musical artists, three artists and repertoires (A&Rs), and two managers.

SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY is currently under management with Promotion LLC out of Knoxville, Tennessee. He also has a non-exclusive marketing and distribution deal with New York label “Bentley Records”. Some notable moments in his career include his hit singles “Take Off” & “Never Been This Gone” becoming trending tracks on Spinrilla. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY was also featured as TuneCore Spotlight artist in November of 2020. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY has been featured in numerous media outlets including “The New York Weekly”, “LA Wire”, “Boost Collective” and many more. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY was just nominated by the SEA Awards Committee for “Performance Of The Year” and continues to shock the music industry. 




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Moody Black has been a performing artist since the age of twelve, and has become a prominent force on a multi-regional poetry scene through his enthusiastic live shows and strong work ethic. Moody Black has a created a buzz in the following impressive achievements:

  • TEDx Performer

  • Host of the longest running open mic in South Carolina and National Poetry Awards 2015 Best Open Mic Venue in the Nation (The Say What?! Open Mic in Greenville SC-Every Sunday at Coffee Underground, 7:30pm)

  • National Poetry Awards 2015 Best Host of an Open Mic Venue Award

  • Smart Arts Teaching Artist

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Positive Hip-Hop Artist

  • Comedian

  • 2017 GANSPA Award for Best Poet in the Nation

  • Endie Fiyah (Indie Fire) Radio Legend Award

  • 107.3 JAMZ 2015 Black History Pioneer

  • 96.3 The Block- 2017 Black History Pioneer

  • 2020 South Carolina Underground Music Awards Nominee for “Best Male Model” and “Best Male Entrepreneur

  • 2020 National Arts Integration and STEAM Virtual Conference Presenter

  • 2019-20 Metropolitan Arts Council of Greenville SC SmartArts Teaching Artist of the Year

  • 2020 Upstate Music Awards- Artist of the Year

  • Likes walks on the beach and sweet potato pie


@iammoodyblack on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram





OG Nappy Long Locs

OG Nappy Long Locs, is an upcoming entertainer, from Nashville, TN. He is one of the next generation's most promising artist. He first made a name for himself in 2018 with his viral hit “Drenching” along with his featured single “A**” with a fellow Nashville based artist. Since then he has been traveling city to city promoting his songs “Yeah” and “Long Locs.” With these songs he was able to show his unique style and variety of rhyme patterns. He tends to use many original and old school techniques and in doing so he has been able to gain mutual respect from other artists, both mainstream and underground. Over this past year, OG Nappy has been able to build a massive fan base and social media presence through his entertainment and influential dance moves that can be seen in other artist and influencer videos. His main goal as an artist is to bring back meaningful that can stand on its own. He is pioneering a new type of entertainment and setting new heights for himself and the hip hop industry.


OG Nappy Long Locs.jpg

Dre Palindrome

Born in Nashville, TN, where the city has all types of musical influences from Country, Pop, to Hip Hop, I developed a unique style by accessing a variety of Rnb Flavors. Stemming from a 8th grade talent show audition that led me to singing with a group of friends. We had to audition to make the group in which i ended up beating a guy out at the very last minute. Going into High School I knew what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. Most my friends were still into sports but I left the organized sports alone and focused on trying to get in the circles with people that were similar.  At Maplewood 2009-2013 there weren't many other people interested in singing and dancing. I hadn't recorded any music during my 4 years due to low funds and no resources. When it came time for a college i chose The Art Institute of Nashville so i could use their equipment and hear what i actually sounded like on a track. I use to tell all my friends to come record and we stayed up all night plenty nights during my 4 years there which i completed their Bachelors program for audio Production. I released a graduate album for my required portfolio at the end titled "Shine Palindrome - 21 Years". Toward the end of their program I realized the field wasn't for finding a stable job. I  hopped in the electrical field and started looking into real estate like my brother Sky Ferrari was always talking about. After accomplishing a few real estate goals and getting life situated I decided I needed to focus back on what i do and my life journey. I released some singles and 2 eps to let everyone know I'm back. Now ive linked with my producer from school Trent Waters again who produced a good portion of my college project along with others around the city to create some of my best music. I have two albums getting mixed that will be released as soon as its done. One is rnb and the other is on some rnb hip hop. I want to work with all the greats and bring diverse real life topics back to rnb and hip hop while pushing the genres forward in evolution with my creativity. My name is Andre Richardson. Born August 3rd 1995 and I go by the stage name Dre Palindrome. Palindrome symbolizes the many aspects of a persons life that could be different but all end in the same place starting and ending with that individual. Only god can judge us and people can only speak on what you show during their presence, not who you truly are.

Instagram: dre__palindrome
facebook: dre palindrome
youtube: dre palindrome

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