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21st Annual Awards Ceremony Performers

NÜ Bio

NÜ is an electrifying R&B girl group that transcends musical boundaries with their harmonies, captivating performances, and undeniable charisma. Comprising 3 exceptionally talented individuals, this dynamic ensemble brings a fresh, nostalgic and modern approach to the R&B genre.

Meet the Members:

[Big Trouble or Trouble]: Known for her perfect pitch and being the groups Band Leader, Trouble infuses each performance with her powerful vocals and magnetic stage presence. Her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level sets the tone for NÜ's unforgettable live experiences.

[Essence]: With a knack for finding impeccable harmonies, Essence adds versatility to NÜ's sound. Her contributions to the group's creative song writing process and commitment to musical excellence make her an integral part of the ensemble.

[Fait]: Bringing fierceness and swagger Fait is the heartbeat of NÜ. Her infectious energy and dedication to pushing artistic boundaries contribute to the group's overall appeal.

Formed in 2007, NÜ brings together the unique talents of Trouble, Essence, and Fait. With diverse musical backgrounds and a shared passion for creating soul-stirring music, the trio embarked on a musical journey that has since taken them to new heights.

Musical Style:
NÜ is renowned for their seamless blend of R&B, Pop, and the nostalgic sounds of the 2000s. Their music is a fusion of rich harmonies, emotionally charged lyrics, and infectious beats that resonate with audiences across diverse demographics.


Since their inception, NÜ has achieved notable success, including winning 2022 SEA Group of The Year, being nominated for Song of the Year, Best Pop Song, Best R&B Song and Best New Artist at the Pop Smash Awards, collaborating with Tiffany Evans on an upcoming single and so much more. One of their latest single ‘Desire’ has garnered attention for its authentic R$B sound, stand out harmonies and its modernly nostalgic sound. 

Live Performances:

A NÜ live show is an immersive experience that leaves audiences captivated and craving more. From [The Southern Entertainment Awards] to [Jackson Indie Music Week], the group's performances are a testament to their dedication to delivering top-notch entertainment.

Future Endeavors:

As NÜ continues to make waves in the R&B scene, they are gearing up for new single releases in 2024 and an EP in the fall of 2024. With a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and connecting with fans on a deeper level, NÜ is poised for even greater success in the future.

NÜ is not just a musical ensemble; they are a movement, a testament to the enduring power of R&B to unite and inspire. As they continue to redefine the genre, NÜ invites fans to join them on a journey of soulful exploration.

Follow NÜ on [@itsnumusic] for the latest updates and be prepared to be swept away by the enchanting melodies of this groundbreaking R&B sensation.

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