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21st Annual Awards Ceremony Performers

NÜ Bio

NÜ is an electrifying R&B girl group that transcends musical boundaries with their harmonies, captivating performances, and undeniable charisma. Comprising 3 exceptionally talented individuals, this dynamic ensemble brings a fresh, nostalgic and modern approach to the R&B genre.

Meet the Members:

[Big Trouble or Trouble]: Known for her perfect pitch and being the groups Band Leader, Trouble infuses each performance with her powerful vocals and magnetic stage presence. Her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level sets the tone for NÜ's unforgettable live experiences.

[Essence]: With a knack for finding impeccable harmonies, Essence adds versatility to NÜ's sound. Her contributions to the group's creative song writing process and commitment to musical excellence make her an integral part of the ensemble.
[Fait]: Bringing fierceness and swagger Fait is the heartbeat of NÜ. Her infectious energy and dedication to pushing artistic boundaries contribute to the group's overall appeal.

Formed in 2007, NÜ brings together the unique talents of Trouble, Essence, and Fait. With diverse musical backgrounds and a shared passion for creating soul-stirring music, the trio embarked on a musical journey that has since taken them to new heights.

NÜ is not just a musical ensemble; they are a movement, a testament to the enduring power of R&B to unite and inspire. As they continue to redefine the genre, NÜ invites fans to join them on a journey of soulful exploration.

Follow NÜ on @itsnumusic for the latest updates and be prepared to be swept away by the enchanting melodies of this groundbreaking R&B sensation.

For booking inquiries, please contact

Nicole Lundy Bio

Nicole was born and raised in Galveston, Texas. From an early age music was her passion and she knew she had to pursue it.  She started writing at the early age of 12 and from there she started her musical journey. She released an EP in July of 2015 titled "7 Journeys at Once". She has performed countless shows including a performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas.


In March of 2018 she released her first single "Nothing Even Matters" and her hit single "Say It" was released in August of 2019. In 2020, she dropped "Come My Way"
, produced by super producer Major League Beats, along with a music video.

Shortly after she released her next single “Drift” that also received placement in the movie “Prisoner of Love”. In 2021, she received an SEA award for Slept on Artist of The Year. In 2023, she released her latest single “Appreciation” that was produced by D.Bottz. She is currently working to release a project at the top of next year.


Contact: Roger Hayes (DjChops) (409) 497-5693
SouthStar Music Group

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Sweet Poison Bio


Nashville artist Sweet Poison has turned up the heat this year with her smashing hit “Could Neverrr."  Her lead single has already been put in rotation on Nashville's own WUBT 101.1 The Beat and has also landed itself on SiriusXM The Heat.


You may have seen her billboards popping up in Nashville and Atlanta which makes all of these good reasons to get you as a listener and go click play on her latest single and see what all the hype is about.


You never know, we may have just found a hidden gem that could be next up for the city of Nashville and her name is Sweet Poison. 

Follow Sweet Poison via Instagram

M3 Bio


MEET MUSIC MAKING MOMMY: While some are fluent in Spanish or English, M3 “Music Making Mommy” is a wife, mother, & recording artist who is fluent in rapping, singing, songwriting, and entertaining! Born, raised, and currently located in Houston TX, M3 offers versatility, with sounds inspired by artists such as Missy Elliot, Maroon 5, Toni Braxton, & Amy Winehouse.


Her original sound & unique expression paints a dynamic picture for her audience, and her music aims to promote confidence in individuality & living one’s truth. At only 2 years old she began experimenting with music and has been active in the industry since graduating high school at the age of 15. In 2017, M3 released her first single “Fcking You”, and has worked with names like R&B singer-songwriter Neyo, Super producers Jazze Pha & Houston’s own Gavin Luckett, plus more, with an ever growing list.


After finding true peace within herself, M3’s greatest passion is to serve others, and as a lover of all things righteous, she strives to spread hope & self awareness through her music and her unorthodox way of living. On 11/11/23, Fans, supporters, and newcomers will be able to view the world through her eyes, as she is set to release her highly anticipated single “Purple Things”. Enjoy the ride as she takes you back to the early 2000’s R&B / pop era! From her raspy sounds of soul, to her melodic rap, M3 is sure to take you on a satisfying journey!

For more info on M3 click HERE to view her EPK

Eddie Valero


When you talk about the new generation of Memphis Hip Hop, you have to mention Eddie Valero. Eddie’s beat selection and storytelling have moved him right up the ladder in the city and now he’s the talk of the town from the fans to the OGs. His brand of street blues feels like the familiar sound that the city of Memphis was built on but his brand of street tales definitely define the dark side of the city that raised him. And, he’s one of the few true rap success stories to not come under the musical trees of Three 6 Mafia, Yo Gotti, or Young Dolph.

MC D. Bio


Straight out of the “L” born and raised, better known as Lebanon, TN reigns none other than the up-and-coming artist, Mr. “Tennessee Pimpin”, MC.D.  He developed a love for music at an early age, growing up around an eclectic group of tunes which has made MC.D very much well-rounded as an artist.

Having a down-south flow with an up-north feel gives MC.D a certain uniqueness in his sound.  The distinction of his voice and old-school glow, sets him apart from other artists of his time. His music is “tunnel vision”, which speaks on his personal experiences and also looks through the eyes of his family members, who are everything to him, and what they have been through; it’s the perfect blend of life lessons, hopes, and dreams.

With MC.D going viral on TikTok (@Iammcd615), with his hit “Tennessee Pimpin”, hitting over 2 million views, 700k streams, and also performing for “OG Bigga Rankin” at his Birthday Bash, has gone down in the books as some of his many big accomplishments.  The one that he has held near and dear to his heart, however, was his 1st show back in his hometown.  The venue reached capacity, bringing the entire city out and the doors had to be locked due to the amount of people and love he received from the locals.

Mr. “Tennessee Pimpin” is currently working on securing a partnership with the home team, the Tennessee Titans, and also a home-based Whiskey brand in Tennessee.  And what’s next for MC.D, you might ask?  More great music, that brings people together and making history.


Follow M.C. D on IG: @_therealmcd for more news, and updates.


Contact: D’Shaun Jones: 629-251-3686

Mr Wired Up Bio


Houston, Texas is home to an enormous amount of talent. Known mostly in the music industry for the “chopped and screwed” culture, thanks to the late, great DJ Screw, many from the blossoming city rose to fame, while keeping Houston on their backs. Leading the next generation out of Houston is artist Mr Wired Up, a rapper on his way to claiming fame. Mr Wired Up possesses many gifts that will all but guarantee him a spot in the music industry.


Born Kerry Howard, Mr Wired Up is a native of Houston, the south side to be exact. The oldest of his two other siblings, he fell in love with music at a young age, and that love grew as he got older. His connection to music propelled him into getting involved with the school band, playing the alto saxophone, and the baritone. He attributes his passion for music to why he stayed out of trouble during his younger years. Once he began attending college at Prairie View A&M, he began rapping and pursuing a music career. To excel his talents, Mr Wired Up would often participate in freestyle competitions and talent shows. Through those public performances, he became known for his skills, and created a buzz for himself.


In March of  2021, Mr Wired Up released his single, “Keep Goin”. Upon its release, the single quickly gained traction, gaining over 20K streams and many media placements. Right away it was apparent that Mr Wired Up has great potential to be a hit. After progressing his buzz with “Keep Goin”, Mr Wired Up wanted to keep the momentum going, so he released his second single, “Wait a Minute” in August of 2021. Like the previous release, the second single release was warmly welcomed. He racked up thousands of streams and views, earning him a new fan base. By the time his third single, “Round and Round” was released that September, Mr Wired Up was officially on the map. In just three releases, and in a short amount of time, he had created a solid buzz, and garnered new fans from different regions around the world. The response was confirmation that Mr Wired Up was making the right moves, and his future in music was solidified.


In March of 2022, Mr Wired Up released his album, “Shakelife Shawty”. The album includes his three previously released singles, and 11 new records to give the listeners a taste of different styles he can deliver. His musical influences, including Big Hawk, Fat Pat, T.I., and Slick Rick, is a testament to his diversity, and his intent to make “good vibes” music rings loud and clear upon listening.  Currently, the album, and released singles are still getting plays daily. Mr Wired Up has gained significant internet presence, and is set to be the next big artist out of Houston.

Introducing Anna B.


Breanna Lovely , (Born November 6 ,2001), known as Artist Anna B; Not your average girl from Louisville,Ky . Growing up, music videos and fashion were everywhere you laid your eyes.  Anna started her music career in her junior year of high school 2018 . It took a huge spin once she dropped her first official single On Da Floor July 30th. It hit radio (B96.5, a radio station based in Louisville,Ky) 2 weeks before the drop because the right ears heard it. After that she’s been played on the radio in the UK, performed for TSU & Kentucky State University , and even hosted and performed at community events. Major gem to her city… ready to take on the world.

Very ambitious and independent she came to admins with herself. Working as an ordinary 9 to 5 just wasn’t something she wanted to do. November 5, 2023 she dropped a single called CEO and started her career as a full time artist. It displayed the young mature side of Anna, she showed the lady’s there's no shame in anyone's hustle. Just get up and do something. Her latest single is called BAD. Reminding the people she’s still young and turnt. She has her hiphop catalog displayed out on all platforms but word around she’s been dipping and killing it in the other genres. An Artist, model, producer, podcast host , actress, etc. Sounds like the world's next biggest super star coming from West End Louisville,Kentucky.

Nominated for Best Hip hop artist in Kentucky for the KEUA AWARDS 2023 and also nominated for the BOBE AWARDS 2023 for Best entertainer of the year ….”Grammy , Emmys , BET, nominations are right around the corner.”, as she states daily.

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